Growing our Economy and Creating Jobs

We must stop government intrusion into the private business sector, eliminate the job-killing margin tax, eliminate unnecessary government regulation, and put an end to wasteful government spending and bureaucratic red tape that stifles the free market. This will allow businesses to do what they do best–create new jobs and provide opportunities for all Americans.


Fighting Obamacare

I strongly oppose Obamacare. I have been a vocal opponent of Obamacare since it was first proposed, and expressed my opposition at both the state and national levels. I oppose any efforts to expand Medicaid in our state. I believe that health care decisions are best made by patients and their physicians rather than by the government. We do, however, need to implement some reforms that will help lower the costs of providing quality health care. Federal medical malpractice reform that passed in Texas and the ability to buy insurance across state lines are just two examples of ways that Texas health care expenses can be reduced.


Utilizing our Energy Resources

We must make better use of our own abundant, God-given oil and gas resources here in Texas and reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. I will vigorously oppose any efforts by the Obama administration to interfere with the oil and gas production that is fueling our nation and driving our Texas economy.


Providing a Quality Education to our Children

Providing a high quality education for our children is the best way to ensure future success for this state and our nation. That means we should let teachers teach and let principals, superintendents, locally elected school boards, and parents decide what is best for our schools, not elected bureaucrats in Austin and Washington, D.C. I supported HB5, the significant and comprehensive public education bill that recently passed. This bill will help prepare a workforce that is ready to meet the needs of Texas business, but it’s not enough. We must get rid of CSCOPE and make sure we are instilling American values in our children.


Defending our 2nd Amendment Freedoms

I  stand strong in defending our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep, own and bear arms. I have been fighting in favor of this right as is clearly explained in our Constitution, and I will support campus carry and open carry laws. I will fight to make it easier for law-abiding Texans to obtain and maintain their CHL licenses, including lowering or eliminating the cost of obtaining their licenses.


Protecting Life

All human life is sacred and a gift from God and should be protected from conception to natural death. I have been fighting against abortion for decades. During the past four Texas legislative sessions, I supported and worked to help pass important pro-life legislation including the Sonogram bill and  HB 2. I will fight against any use of tax dollars to fund abortion or Planned Parenthood. I am opposed to human cloning, and I will fight against euthanasia and any efforts by hospitals or physicians to withhold food, water or medication from those in their charge.


Securing our Ballots

I have been outspoken in support of protecting the sanctity of the ballot box by requiring that voters show a picture ID when they vote. If you have to show your driver’s license or photo ID to rent a movie or cash a check, why wouldn’t you have to show one before carrying out one of the most important responsibilities of being a citizen – voting? I will continue fighting  against any effort to weaken the strong ballot security measures passed by our conservative majority in the Texas legislature and signed into law by Governor Perry.


Securing our Borders and Stopping Illegal Immigration

As we have seen, the federal government has been unwilling to secure our border. Unprotected access to the United States exposes our country, state and communities to crimes such as drug smuggling, cartel violence, human trafficking and terrorist attacks. Texas needs to secure our borders by expanding the presence of state law enforcement on the border. We must remove incentives for illegal immigration. Amnesty is not the answer, and I am strongly opposed to it. I support an immigration reform which will provide a guest worker program.


Preserving American Exceptionalism

The values established in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence must be preserved, protected and promoted.



Our Veterans have always served us at a time when we needed them. We now must serve them at a time that they need us. I will always support policies that encourage and reinforce their pride of service.